Join Us for Mini Golf

See if you can get a hole-in-one

Are you looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon in Seaside Heights, NJ? You just found it. Big Scoop Family Ice Cream Parlor & Beach Family Golf features fun for all ages with our miniature golf course.

We've got 18 holes of wild and wacky golfing entertainment. Challenge your friends, or bring the whole family for a mini golf tournament. Loser buys the ice cream!

Call (732) 854-7058 today to learn more about our mini golf setup.

Every part of our mini golf course is up to par

You won't find a more exciting miniature golf course than ours. Located just a block from the beach, our course is at a prime location for relaxing, letting off steam and playing putt-putt.

Our course features a beautiful fountain and several ponds. You'll enjoy the scenery as much as you enjoy the golfing itself. Each hole presents a new challenge.

Visit us soon to start honing your golf skills.